Creating an Integrated
Healthcare Eco-system
Across Africa

Making work Easier for All Healthcare Stakeholders.

For Health Maintenance Organizations.

Work smart with Infusync’s Health Maintenance Organization Software, designed to ensure safety of clients’ information, as well as seamless record retrieval. Our software has been carefully designed to meet all your administrative needs as an HMO.

  • One stop-shop for enrollee management.
  • Full automated service tariff negotiation.
  • Automated invoice & payment collections.
  • Plan, hospital and change management.

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For Healthcare Providers.

Our software delivers the most important features for managing your hospital. Enjoy simple and efficient systems that make your work easy and fast.


One click-access to patients records including biodata and consultations

  • Easy clerking inputting.
  • Ante-Natal records.
  • Treatment and investigation billing.
  • Drugs dispensing.
  • Efficient hospital database back-up.
  • Health Professional Scheduling.

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For Healthcare professionals.

Infusync HCL gives healthcare providers a comprehensive IT dedicated to managing every aspect of healthcare delivery, including electronic medical records, telemedicine, administration and finance management.

  • Reduce costs and improved accessibility.
  • Improve health outcomes.
  • Improve patient experience.
  • Better clinical governance.
  • Improve capacity and efficiencies.
  • Scalability.

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For Patients.

View your personal health records, prescriptions and lab results. Connect with your health professional via telemedicine, find new healthcare providers with our patient solution.

  • Easy appointment scheduling and helpful reminders.
  • View and manage medical bills.
  • Up-to-date personal health records.
  • Lab and diagnostic results updates.
  • Convenient hospital e visits via video call, voice call, or text.

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