About Infusync Healthcare Limited

Over the past year, we’ve designed and developed software solutions to meet current global healthcare demands. We have crafted our product portfolio after extensive research with the goal to improve healthcare processes and delivery on the African continent.

Using cloud-based software systems, we made it possible to have access to real-time data, whether for individuals, health professionals, HMOs, or government health agencies. Our fully-featured applications are built to help teams across all departments to effortlessly communicate, collaborate, provide assistance, stay productive, and work together securely even from remote locations.

What We Do

  • Health Maintenance Organization solution
  • Hospitals Management Systems Solution.
  • Healthcare Professional Solution.
  • Patient Care Solution.

Strategy Driven, Goal and Result Oriented

We’re nuts about improving our niche healthcare sector, so we ensure that we track results from day one. Sure, we have come up with great creative ideas that will engage and captivate healthcare stakeholders but more importantly we track every Naira to make sure you know where it’s spent.

Every product we launch is aimed at making our healthcare system better and matched with global standard. Our software solutions are designed to be integrated with any healthcare stakeholder and provide best practices to perform more efficiently.

Who We Are

A commitment to better healthcare delivery in Africa.

Infusync is committed to transforming healthcare access and experiences in Africa. We are contributing to accelerating the digitalisation of the healthcare sector in our continent. We are a fully Nigerian owned and managed company, Infusync understands the Nigerian medical and healthcare environment, its challenges and vision.

We’re innovators | We’re brand-storytellers | Healthcare Technology done differently

We create experiences that transform Healthcare Stakeholders, grow businesses and empower their clients through online performance and technology positioning. We also know how to bring it together by putting the patients at the centre, creating simple, effective strategies that connect with people across every channel and grow business in ways they can measure.

We are passionate about fostering and improving our healthcare system, helping all stakeholders thrive and building an eco-system for all healthcare providers. No matter which sector you are in, you can’t help but be part of the pride and dedication to drive innovative healthcare success. We put powerful bespoke technology solutions in the hands of people who make a better tomorrow we can’t even imagine today.