For Hospitals

Effectively Manage Hospital processes and Resources

Infusync for Hospitals

Introduction of The Product

Infusync HCL gives healthcare providers a comprehensive IT dedicated to managing every aspect of healthcare delivery, from electronic medical records and telemedicine to administration and financial management.

Benefit of The Product.

  • Cost-saving
    IHCL’s HMS introduces automated processes that reduce cost and close gaps that could encourage inflated expenses..
  • Efficiency
    Human error can cause fatalities in healthcare but with IHCL’s HMS automated record-keeping, more efficiency is guaranteed. It also streamlines and automates daily procedures such as appointment scheduling, report generation, management of drug inventory, etc.
  • Personalized Care for Patients
    Deploying our robust HMS software for your hospitals guarantees optimum/personalized care for your patients as their data is accurately monitored, tracked and maintained.
  • Paperless record system
    Introduce a record keeping system that integrates all departments, thereby making data input easy; eliminating the paper record system along with its many complexities, confusion and costs.
  • Data security and accessibility
    Ensure that data remains secure and maintained. IHCL’s HMS not only makes certain that data remains uncompromised, it also ensures that data security is designed to allow authorized access only. Data is king when access is timely.
  • Patient satisfaction, ratings, and reputation ,br /> Allows feedback from your patients; making them involved in their healthcare.


One-touch access to patients records both biodatas and consultations.

  • Easy clerking.
  • Ante-Natal records.
  • Treatment and investigation billing.
  • Drugs dispensing.
  • Efficient hospital database back-up.
  • Health Professional Scheduling.
  • Highly secured records.