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Infusync HMS Software


Infusync HMS Software is a cloud-based software that allows healthcare providers to effectively manage every aspect of their healthcare delivery, from electronic medical records and telemedicine to administration, financial management, logistics and a host of other core healthcare administrative activities.

With our comprehensive suite of healthcare technology solutions, you can upgrade and automate your medical facility with a few simple steps and your need to thrive with the current global technology trend is readily available and accessible.

Why Infusync HMS Software?

  • Automated day-to-day processes to reduce cost and close gaps that encourage excessive expenses.
  • Streamlined and automated daily procedures to improve efficiency.
  • Optimum personalized care for your patients.
  • Paperless processes, storage systems that integrate all departments, making data input and retrieval seamless.
  • Efficient data security which allowImproves patients satisfaction, and boosts hospital brand quality assurance initiatives.s authorized access only.
  • Fast, flexible and customized screens, workflows and specialty applications.
  • Focus on practicing medicine, not administration with our automated service tariff negotiation tool with health insurance regulators and patients.

What can you do with Infusync HMS Software?

One stop shop for Patient Enrollment and data management:

Enrollment application (in line with NHIS and NIMC standard). Gain one-touch access to all patients’ records including biodata, consultations, demographic, and medical history reports.

Easy clerking:

Our Infusync HMS Software makes patient clerking sessions faster and easier, resulting in less time wastage, improved hospital efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Ante-Natal records:

From first pregnancy test to delivery, track, record, and access medical information of pregnant patients.

Treatment and investigation billing:

Send out electronic bills, invoices, and receipts to patients easily.

Drugs dispensing:

Infusync HMS Software allows for faster and easier drug dispensing to patients. It also gives hospitals an avenue to monitor their drugs bank whilst creating room for more accountability.

Efficient hospital database back-up:

You no longer need to worry about permanently losing important hospital data and records. Our backup system safely keeps your information making it easy to recover and restore them should there be any loss.

Health Professional Scheduling:

Schedule, manage and track doctors and other health care professionals’ appointments, consultations, and meetings.

Highly secured records:

With Infusync HMS Software, all medical history and patient information are encrypted end-to-end with grade-one identity management system including protection of all assets and authorizations. Availability and reliability is very important 99.99 uptime 24/7.

Automated Birth and Death Certificate:

Seamlessly insync with healthcare regulators and stakeholders to generate electronic birth and death certificates in a fast, efficient and seamless manner.

In-Patient Care:

Electronically manage and track all in-patients activities, in-bed management, rounds management, They can real-time communicate with doctors, attend e-visits, schedule appointments, and be more involved in managing their health virtually.

Financial Management:

Easily perform financial tasks such as determining patient eligibility, tracking claims and payments with our easy financial software integration. You can also monitor the utilization rate for capitated services in real-time.

Payment and Billings:

Give your patients easy and multi-channel options to settle their bills and make payments integrations with any 3rd party provider for bulk secure payment, automated invoice notifications and payment collections.

Appointment and Queue Management:

Manage patient queues and schedule appointments, improve punctuality with custom reminders and notifications.