For Health Maintenance Organizations

HMO Administration Just got Easier!

Infusync for Health Management Organization

Infusync HMO Software

Specially created for Regulators, States HIS, and Private Health Maintenance Organizations, our Health Maintenance Organization Solution provides a secure environment for transactions across all departments in and outside your medical establishment.

Our HMO Solution is web-based and comes with a user-friendly interface, easy to use.It’s a multi-login solution that gives access to authorized users restricting user profiles respectively.

Regulators can consolidate health insurance activities with our infusync solution, thereby blocking loopholes and tracking all State activities with health care providers across the territory.

Infusync software will provide regulators with real-time actionable data for planning, budgeting, and research.

Built for all healthcare stakeholders to work effectively and seamlessly.


Manage all your enrollees, health plans, healthcare providers and inhouse administrative activities with one solution.

Our solution will save you a huge cost of running an insurance scheme by consolidating all activities and reducing information silos, empowering all regulators and private organisations to be self-sufficient and take full control and management of your activities.

Remotely access and manage enrollees claims, authorizations and financias, improving response time and the efficiency of your medical institution as a whole.


Connect with your enrollees through our enrollee mobile application, provide unfettered real-time communication, attend to requests such as authorizations, care provider change and plan change, provide an enabling environment for your enrollees.


Provide integrations for other healthcare stakeholders and affiliated healthcare providers creating a single platform that will effectively achieve universal healthcare management for all.

Our hospital management solution allows HMOs to interact and manage healthcare providers. automated Service Tariff Negotiation tool between Hospitals, real-time communication to solve the need for calls to request authorization or feedback between HMOs, Hospitals, Companies, and Enrollees.


Manage your clients and grant them access to your software tools. Companies can also manage the list of their enrollees and access the outputs.

Individual Enrollee:

Private individuals without health insurance coverage can also be granted access and remotely managed effectively.

Why Infusync HMO Software?

  • One-Stop-Shop for Enrollee Data Management.
  • 360 view of the Internal Operations of HMOs and Providers.
  • Consolidated health Insurance platform for stakeholders.
  • Future insights into Health Insurance Management and Regulation.
  • Predictive, Artificial Intelligence and Planning.
  • Improved Regulatory Oversight.
  • Advance Data Reporting and Research Capabilities.

What you can do with Infusync HMO Software?

All in One Dashboard:

Get easy access to your user-friendly dashboard to manage data, details, records, reports, plans and so much more.


Register and Enroll, track, receive and grant authorizations for enrollees and dependants


Consolidate HMO-Hospital activities, share enrollee encounters with hospitals and access to services provided.


Make fast, easy, and secure medical payments right from your devices. Also access automated invoice notifications & Payment collections.


Get all your integrations with any 3rd party provider, batch or bulk secure payment integrated.

Change Management:

Empower your enrollees with automated change requests with plans to hospital management.

Health Care Providers Directory:

Provide your enrollees with the necessary information they need about all the healthcare providers, Accredited HMOs, locations, specialties, etc to make informed choices and decisions.

Claims Management:

A solution to mitigate issues regarding claims/bill settlement with real-time claims submission, approval and payments between HMOs and Hospitals

Back-up System:

Availability and reliability is very important 99.99 uptime 24/7 yearly, Our application is encrypted with grade-one identity management system, including protection of all assets and authorizations.