Infusync Telehealth



Infusync Telehealth Solution is a patient-focused technology that puts your enrollees or patients at the center of everything.

It enables you to extend quality healthcare beyond your four walls with direct-to-consumer telehealth solutions making healthcare convenient and accessible from anywhere.

Built on our cloud-based network, Infusync Telehealth Solution creates a seamless experience across all platforms to improve your patients’ outcomes and drive more revenues to your practice.

With its purpose built-devices, proactive monitoring, and 24/7 support, Infusync Telehealth Solution is the virtual healthcare partner you need.


Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals

Increase your number of consults by as much as 600% with our comprehensive virtual telehealth solution for existing patient care.


Receive Healthcare on the go and protect your medical information on your terms.

Public Healthcare and Private Healthcare Regulators

Connect your providers with patients in a way that makes medical care convenient and accessible from anywhere.

Infusync Telehealth
Infusync Telehealth


Easy to use

Ease of use, beautiful Interface and tailor-made to process local environments. Our simple user interface is seamless across web, mobile, and desktop.

Online Chat Consultation

Start quick online consultations, have unfettered real-time communication with your Health Care Providers, regulator and HMO.

Patient self-service

Schedule a doctor’s appointment at your own time and initiate care from anywhere you may be.

Automated check-in

Cut the queues, wait times and eliminate data entry mistakes by checking yourself in with our A.I. rules engine.

Provide fast and convenient care

Infusync Telehealth Solution allows you to meet patients wherever they are - schools, at work, or even in their communities. You can now extend your health system’s reach, attract new consumers, and connect with existing patients in new, and convenient locations.

Secure Data

Rest easy knowing your data is secure. We meet industry-defined requirements for protecting and securing all your sensitive healthcare information.

Virtual Consultation made easy

Want some clarifications about your medical concerns? Talk with a doctor using our highly secured end-to-end encrypted video call, voice call, and texts.