Infusync Telehealth



IHCL’s telehealth solution will improve your patient outcomes and drive more revenues to your practice.

Be a mobile Health Professional.

Render and receive Healthcare on the go and eradicate logistic challenges.

Ask a Doctor Online and get your medical concerns clarified.

A medical consultation service provides immediate health advice from registered Medical Doctors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Talk with a doctor using our highly secured end-to-end encrypted video call, voice call, and texts. Our video call service helps you to speak about your health issues with a doctor on a face to face live interaction.


For patients

  • Send a detailed history of your medical concerns to the doctor.
  • Schedule a doctor’s call at your own time.
  • Start an online chat consultation with a doctor.
  • Remote consultation for elderly people.
Infusync Telehealth
Infusync Telehealth

For Health Professional

  • Saves time for both you and your patients.
  • Saves costs.
  • Regular virtual follow-ups.
  • Drive your medical practice revenues.
  • Patient Scheduling.
  • Appointment Reminders.
  • Prescription Refills.
  • Online Bill Payment / Statements.
  • Patient Education.
  • Secure Messaging.