Infunsync Interoperability



Wherever Enrollees/patients go, their medical data go with them!

Interoperability allows the connection, sharing, and cohesive use of patients’ information for better results.

The use of standards and data exchange models enables this information to be shared between healthcare providers, professionals, patients, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and others regardless of the application being used.

Our Interoperability service allows you to share patients' records with any and across organizations using any standard Electronic Health Record - EHR to effectively deliver healthcare.


Mobility of Patients’ health records

As an Enrollee / Patients, you no longer need to carry your medical reports on inter-hospital treatments and transfers, with Infusync, your records are now seamlessly transferred amongst your health providers and practitioners with your consent.

This cuts out the time spent on paperwork and creates a better workflow between healthcare workers and ultimately provides better care to patients.

Accuracy of Health records

Electronically exchanging data can be easily incorporated into your patient’s chart.

This saves time on medical diagnosis, retrieval of medical history, consultancy time, improves healthcare efficiency, and leaves little or no room for errors, discrepancies, and file mixups.

Infunsync Interoperability
Security of Patient records

Patient records are transferred over safe and secure networks to ensure that their privacy rights are not violated and only authorized parties can access them.

We have built our solutions in standard with the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation to ensure that all patients are given the utmost privacy medical standard.

Improved Healthcare Facilities efficiency

With real-time data analytics and records at their fingertips, medical practices can now cut down on repetitive tasks and increase margins by treating more patients.

Improved Healthcare

It's a well-known fact that most patients receive care from a series of healthcare providers and independent practices whose individual interactions make up the entirety of their medical history.

Infusync is poised in finding ways to seamlessly transfer these records and capturing every medical encounter amongst various providers is a welcome development for the health sector as a whole.

Infusync addresses full visibility and access to patient data for healthcare institutions and their patients while simultaneously increasing the quality of care received and improving healthcare efficiency.

More Patient involvement

With Infusync solutions, patients are now the lead stars in their movies. Enjoy optimum healthcare, and gain more control over your data, giving you more oversight in your personal healthcare journey.