Infusync Patients Clinical Care



A lot of people attribute their irregular hospital check-ups and follow-ups to busy schedules, distance, and lack of time.

At Infusync, we understand that time and of course, your health is very important to you, hence our Patient Care Solution to help you manage both simultaneously while improving your overall experience as a patient.

Our Solution makes your life easier from the moment you consult with your healthcare provider, sign in for your medical records, to your physician’s post-visit and final recovery.

It is built to meet the unique preferences of every user, and patients have personal and family health information at their fingertips within the hospital. You can now seamlessly message your doctors, attend e-visits, schedule appointments, and do so much more to be actively involved in managing your health.


Stay in touch with the care team.

Finished drugs? Side effects? Forgot your dosage? Not a problem! Stay in touch with your care team 24/7 to enjoy unlimited medical support.

Access personalized records

Gain access to all your medical records quickly and easily from anywhere just at the tap of a button. Make clarifications, ask questions, ask for corrections and do so much more with your health records.

Request help

Need help with your prescription? Not feeling well or needing emergency care? Your healthcare provider is only a tap of a button away. Get the help you need without having to step foot into the hospital and in real-time too!

Infusync Patients Clinical Care
Easy online scheduling

Schedule appointments online, get notifications and reminders about your appointment. It doesn’t stop there, as you can also get follow-up health information, advice, and reminders of your discussion with your physician.


Send messages and exchange quick chats with your healthcare provider or regulator to get answers to your questions, confirm the information, and for an e-consultation.


Rest easy knowing that all your medical records and other sensitive information are kept safe and secure on our platform.

Quality Patient Care

Avoid the long queue, endless waiting times, and filling unnecessary paperwork. Receive fast, affordable, convenient, and quality patient care instead.

Easy Payments

Receive automated Billings, get payment reminders, track your claim status and make online payment with ease.