Infusync Government and Public Sector



With the globally growing need for infrastructural and technological advancement, it is eminent that the Government and healthcare regulators identify with this vision by embracing a bespoke health Insurance software solution to accommodate all internal and external procedures including its enrollee data generation, storage, processes, and retrieval.

With our range of proven enterprise software solutions, Government agencies and health ministries who care about advancing universal health coverage gain access to information and insights to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for all.

With Infusync government solutions, Federal and State health agencies can access precise information, and generate data-driven insights that facilitate better healthcare decisions, create smart policies, and produce impactful discoveries.

Built on our cloud-based network, our Government and Public Health Sector Solution creates an integrated and scalable technology experience to give your citizens everything they need to access world-class healthcare anywhere, anytime.


Improved operational efficiencies

With our Business Intelligence tools, healthcare regulatory agencies can now use real-time analytics and reports to identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve services, increase productivity, and improve the patient experience.

Connect stakeholders for better results

Our Government and Public Healthcare Solution connects governments, their people, multilateral agencies, healthcare systems, donor agencies, and other healthcare stakeholders on a single platform, to utilize never-before-seen datasets and insights.

Seamless and unparalleled healthcare data storage, use, and exchange

Infusync Government and Public Healthcare Solution impact data management, data monitoring, data retrieval, and data storage, making the work of stakeholders like physicians and administrators easier. Conduct public health administration and governance using our business intelligence tools over the centralized data repository.

Infusync Government and Public Sector
Monitor and rapidly respond to public health emergencies.

Built to improve diagnostic and treatment capabilities, Infusync allows public medical establishments to manage and attend to critical functions such as ambulatory care, ER, OR, EMR, appointments, laboratory analysis, diagnostic imaging, and more.

Automate state-owned health Insurance programs

State-owned health insurance programs can now automate their processes, activities, and mode of operations to pave way for more efficiency, improved profit margin, and more quality health care.

Discover and deploy innovative healthcare solutions

Infusync collaborates with government ministries and health departments across Nigeria to help them create and deploy the latest and innovative Healthcare information technology (IT) Solutions.

Seamless Integration of all Stakeholders

Our solutions are based on a centralised and distributed architecture that connect, synchronize and centralize data for evaluation and better management of healthcare operations. Our systems are built keeping in mind all aspects of the healthcare spectrum, from primary care to super specialty services, and organizing data from these various aspects to provide management with insight into key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time.

Monitor and Track Intervention

With everything needed to cope with the growing demands of government healthcare projects provided by the Infusync Government and Public Healthcare Solution, it becomes easier to track the effectiveness, safety, and challenges that may arise and tackle them head-on.