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Take charge of your health with the tap of a button anywhere any time.

Get access to your personal health information, prescriptions, laboratory results and stay in touch with your health care provider to access personalized medical information, communicate in real-time, and request medical authorizations.

Monitor, confirm, and report healthcare services received by hospitals to your HMOs and regulators, and connect with your health professionals, and select healthcare providers with our patient solution.

Why Infusync Patient Software?

  • Easy appointment scheduling and helpful reminders.
  • View and manage medical bills.
  • Monitor and add dependents.
  • Up-to-date personal health records.
  • Lab and diagnostic results updates.
  • Single-sign-on and restricted access to medical information.
  • Save the time and effort needed for physical medical emergencies.
Get more done with less time via Infusync mobile application. Ease of use, beautiful Interface, and tailor-made to your fingertip

Create, manage, track and access your medical information built for your satisfaction anytime, any day!

Control, manage and own Personal Health records:

No more leafing through files upon files to get your medical history, get easy access, control, and manage your medical records including test results, doctors’ prescriptions, progress reports, and so on with restricted access made just for you.

Chat and Messaging:

Unfettered real-time communication with your healthcare providers and regulators i.e request for authorization, hospital change, plan change, medical emergencies, etc.

Payment Gateway:

Our payment platforms are integrated with reliable third-party providers for secure payment, automated invoice notifications, payment collections, and many more. As a result, you can make fast and easy payments from the comfort of anywhere you are.

Wearable Device Integration:

Our wearable device integration systems are embedded with the latest technology designed to keep your convenience in mind.

Monitor your sleeping pattern, heart rate, physical activities, and others with hands-free function devices that grant you access to your health data while performing daily routine tasks.


Get real-time medical prescriptions and monitor drug intake.

Request for Authorisations:

Add dependents to your health plans and benefits with ease without having to visit your HMO or other health care providers.

Reminders, Alerts, and Follow up:

Receive appointment confirmations, reminders, follow-up health information.